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Welcome to the Hilton College Digital Archives!

The school has embarked on a process to digitise its historic archives and also to preserve digital content that has been captured in the recent past on digital recording devices, such as digital cameras.

With a generous donation from an old boy, Lloyd Meaker and a donation in kind from David Larsen, we have begun by digitising all of the editions of The Hiltonian, the four school histories and a collection of historic photographs known as the Natal Witness Collection. Over time we would like to digitise newspaper clippings, photographs, video and so on as well as to sort through and ingest digital images and video that have been captured over the past decade or so. Together these will be made available in this archival digital repository for both long-term preservation and for ready access by the school community.


If you wish to browse through the school magazine please follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the browse link
  • Click on the gallery you are interested in.
  • Select the edition you wish to open and when the Preview page opens, click on the link View Flipbook.
  • Once this window opens, click on the top right hand corner or bottom right of the page to turn over to the next digital page (you may need to resize the pop up window that the Flipbook loads in to see both pages).
  • Ocassionally a page in the flipbook may appear horizontal. In this case you will need to scroll far to the right and click on the top right hand corner of the pop-up window (beyond the edge of the page) in order to turn to the next page.


Feel free to search for your name or other topic of interest in the search box on the top left of any page. It is best to search by your surname only as the magazine may not have included first names, only initials. The search engine will only find the first instance of the search term in each magazine. If you want to find other instances you need to progress to "Search Within".


If you want to search for specific text within one of the manuscripts click on the Download Plain Text link. This will download a plain text PDF that you can then search in a PDF reader by using the keys Ctrl F (Windows) and Cmd F (Mac).


You can also order a high resolution version of the publication by clicking on the order link. If this is released to you then you will have a high quality version of the magazine that not only looks like the original but is also fully searchable. You can also order digital versions of the photographs. These are made available for personal use only and we request a donation to help to sustain the school archives.


If you would like to donate material that should be included in the archive or if you would like to give toward this project of building a digital archive please email the Old Boy in charge of the archives Graham Ducasse or the Curator of the Hilton College Museum Bev Davidge.